Shiseido Ginza Murasaki Eau De Parfum

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Size: 50ml

Vendor: Shiseido

Ginza Eau de Parfum Murasaki, the new Shiseido fragrance, embodies a powerful and irresistible femininity with its luminous Murasaki purple color. A purple bouquet sharpened by woods, as multi-faceted and full of contrasts as the hypnotic color of its fragrance.

Murasaki is a shade of purple, famous in Japan, and a symbol of nobility, power, and refinement. It is a precious color, formerly reserved for the court and Samurai. Ginza Eau de Parfum Murasaki embodies modern femininity, armed with enough strength to shine in our contemporary world.

In the top notes, the delicacy of the violet flower dances with crisp notes of Fuji apple and pomegranate. The floral heart mingles jasmine with wisteria, a Murasaki-coloured flower whose bunch of petals hang onto a solid trunk. A breath of freesia bathes the bouquet in light, balanced by the power of sandalwood combined with amber notes in the base, which gives an anchoring trail, as deep as it is irresistible.
A purple bouquet sharpened by woods, the perfect balance between strength and femininity.