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Senteurs d'Orient Non Sticky Hand Sanitizer


Heavenly scented, non-sticky, antiseptic hand sanitizer gel for everyone!

Fleurs d?Oasis The Sanitizer is a non-sticky antiseptic gel made with 70% pure alcohol, hydrating glycerin and pure essential oils.

Keeps hands always clean, healthy and never dry even after repeated use.

Made with our best-selling Fleurs d?Oasis signature scent, fusing refreshing notes of Neroli, Red Thyme, Cypress with velvety Jasmine, for a heavenly scent throughout your day.
✘ Parabens
✘ Sulfates
✘ Colorants
✘ Silicones
✘ Preservatives
✘ Synthetic and Mineral Oils
✔ Kills 99.99% of bacteria
✔ 70% alcohol, WHO recommended level
✔ Glycerin
✔ Pure Essential Oils
✔ Vegan
✔ Cruelty-free
Usage: Wet hands thoroughly with product and allow to dry without wiping.
Form: Rectangular pump bottle
Weight: 300ml | 50ml

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