Revuele Retinol Forte Multi-Active Balancing Day Cream 50ml

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Vendor: Revuele

The Multi-Active Balancing Day Cream prevents and visibly corrects the appearance of fine lines, minimizes the impact of daily stress and helps keep skin smooth and radiant. The cream helps reduce the first signs of ageing, restores radiance and hydrates and maintains younger looking skin.
The cream also helps correct skin photosensitivity and reduce pigmented spots, as well as protecting the skin from UV radiation.
Retinol aids the production of elastin whilst moisturizing and soothing the skin. Vitamin E promotes cell renewal, improves skin immunity and tones skin.
Vitamin E and Retinol both help to significantly increase the efficiency of UV filters.
NaturePep® Pea Extract smooths out existing pigmentation and prevents new pigmentation from forming. Vitamin C evens the complexion, giving the skin a light shine whilst slowing down the ageing process and reducing the development of hyperpigmentation. The cream brightens and tones the skin. The effect of the cream improves with prolonged use. The Balancing Day Cream smooths skin and ensures the skin is left hydrated with a matte finish.


How to apply?

Apply a small amount of the cream every morning on to cleansed, dry face, neck and neckline. Using small massage movements, gently apply the cream until fully absorbed. Avoid the area around the eyes. Allow the cream to absorb completely for 5 minutes and then apply make-up. Benefits are visible after the first application. For best results, use alongside all RETINOL FORTE products.