Pupa Vamp! Exceptional Volumizing Mascara - Discounted Price

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Vendor: Pupa Milano

The revolutionary volumizing mascara in yield and formula. First launched on the market in 2012, PUPA Vamp! is a product created for those who want to achieve thick and surprising volume lashes. This mascara is the ideal solution to lengthen, curl, thicken and define lashes without any smudging, while also ensuring a perfect seal.

Your thick, full, extra thick lashes, the spectacularity of false lashes without the hassle of wearing them. It is modular: you can create the effect you want step by step. The texture of the Vamp! Mascara it is creamy, with high structuring power.

The sinuous brush with soft and dense fibers recalls the shape of an hourglass (wide at the ends and narrower in the center) and has been designed by PUPA to collect the maximum amount of product and allow a generous, immediate, uniform release. Trying the Vamp Mascara! , in the classic black version or in one of the other shades available, you can easily reach the innermost and shorter lashes, for a surprising result: the volume will be enormous.