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Phyto Progenium Ultra Gentle Detangling Milk


Brand Phyto

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For all hair types.

This leave in detangling milk, enriched with softening Oat milk, detangles the hair instantly, facilitates styling and prepares the hair for blow-drying. Its light and fluid texture discplines the hair and removes frizz. 

Benefits:  Perfectly detangled, the hair is extremely soft and shiny.

How to use: 

On towel-dried hair, spray over the lenghts and ends. Start by detangling the hair at the ends, and work towards the roots. Can be used on dry hair for a soft and silky finishing effect. Do not rinse.


Oat milk Enrichied with proteins and hydrating lipids, Oat milk brings extreme softness and instantly detangles the hair.
Calendula & Rosemary oils Rich in lipids, nourish the hair fiber and bring softness to the hair.
Mallow extraction Known for its medicinal properties, Through its high mucilage content, it softens and hydrates the hair fiber.

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