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Garnier Ultra Doux Hair Mask - Honey Treasures

$11.15 $5.35

Brand Garnier

Bathe your hair in Honey Treasures and restore that beautiful and healthy look.Discover the new unique Garnier reconstructing mask from the popular Ultra Doux series and uncover the magic Honey Treasure secret to restore your hair. Already after the first wash your hair will take on a silky finesse, a sensual gloss and visible strengthening and hydration. Your hair will be nourished and protected from drying and becoming frayed.

The mask has a captivating honey aroma and a pleasant creamy texture that makes it easy to apply and easily absorbed by the hair. This unique hair care product is enriched with three treasures from the beehive, royal jelly which is a revitalizing elixir for weakened and brittle hair, honey bee propolis that protects and strengthens the hair and honey which gives your hair a soft feel and and deep nourishment. 

For a more powerful effect, use the full range of Garnier Ultra Doux hair care products. Simply apply the mask to damp hair after shampooing, massage it throughout your hair, let it work for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly. The result will be strong, beautiful and healthy looking hair that can be easily combed and styled.

Key features

  • Designed for dry, brittle or damaged hair that has lost its lustre and vitality
  • It contains three treasures from the beehive (royal jelly, propolis and honey) providing protection and regeneration
  • It restores a radiant glow, velvety softness, strength and durability to the hair
  • Simple application due to its pleasant creamy consistency
  • The package contains 300ml

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