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Garnier Olia Permanent Ammonia Free Hair Color


Brand Garnier

Olia is a new ammonia free hair coloration brand under Garnier. It is enriched with 60% Natural-Origin Flower Oils, to give a maximum color performance!
Olia covers up to 100% of greys. It visibly improves hair quality & provides an intense care, with no dry out.

  • 60% Oils with Natural-Origin Flower Oils
  •  No Ammonia
  •  2x More Shine


  • Results:
    • Up to 100% grey coverage
    • Visibily Improves Hair Quality
    • Intense Care, No Dry Out

    This pack includes:
    • 1 bottle of developper cream
    • 1 tube of hair colorant cream
    • 1 sachet of post color conditioner
    • 1 instruction leaflet
    • 1 pair of gloves


Easy Preparation:
- Put gloves on
- Open cap of the developer bottle and pour the contents into a non-metallic bowl.
- Pierce the seal of the Cream Hair Colourant Tube with the point in the cap and squeeze the entire contents in the non-metallic bowl.
- Mix the colourant and the developer with a hair colouring brush and stir well till the mixture is smooth in texture. Apply immediately.

Easy Application:

- Keep your gloves on, apply the mixture to dry, unwashed hair. Start by applying the mixture to the roots, making sections separating the hair, strand by strand.
- Quickly spread the leftover mixture through the rest of the hair.
- Ensure that all of the hair is covered by the mixture. Pile the hair on the top of the head.
- Leave to develop for 25min (35min if your hair is resistant or if you have over 70% grey hair).


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