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Eucerin Dermodensifyer Night Cream - Boost Radiance


Brand Eucerin

With the deceleration of the hormonal activity after menopause, the ageing of the skin accelerates significantly: skin becomes finer, drier and the deep wrinkles grow hollow.

Eucerin developed a care especially adapted to the needs for the demanding skins after 55: Eucerin DermoDensifyer Intensive Redensifying Night Care. It accelerates the natural process of cutaneous renewal for an in-depth natural regeneration.

The powerful combination of Arctiine and Peptides of Apiacées reactivates and accelerates the production of collagen and the cells known as "filling cells". In only a few weeks, the grid of fine and fragile conjunctive fabric becomes more compact and strengthened, skin is redensified. Enriched in Dexpanthenol, this care supports the cellular regeneration during the night.

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