Dos Lunas Exfoliating Body Wash Scrub 260ml

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Scent: Grape Fruit

Grape Fruit
Vendor: Dos Lunas

The body wash scrub with granules exfoliates dead cells and softens your skin. you will feel wonderfully refreshed without any oily or greasy residues, and your skin feels smooth after each treatment.
Nourishes the new, smooth skin layer of the body work together to nourish and regenerate cells to accelerate cell regeneration to reduce dry, tired skin, dark spots and wrinkles over time.
it contains walnut shell fibers, and natural fruit particles. all these ingredients leave your skin soft, clean, refreshing and moisturized, giving a fragrant scent.

Apply an adequate amount on damp skin, massage gently, rinse with water and enjoy soft, scented skin.