Chamsa Depilatory Hair Removal Cream 125ml

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Type: Dry

Vendor: Chamsa

Chamsa Hair Removal Cream has an advanced nourishing and moisturizing formula that acts in just 3 minutes!


Chamsa’s 3 easy steps for silky smooth skin

  • Apply Chamsa’s Hair Removal Cream directly onto the desired area using the provided spatula. For optimal use Chamsa Hair Removal Cream must be spread evenly across the required area covering the undesired hair.
  • Allow the cream to act on your skin for 5 minutes. With the head of the provided spatula start removing the cream in small segments. If you find some difficulty, you may leave the cream just a little longer (never exceeding 10 minutes). Once your hair comes off easily, begin removing all of the cream using the spatula.
  • Once all of the cream is removed rinse you skin thoroughly with water and dry.