Bioderma Cicabio Lotion Cicatrisante 40ml

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Vendor: Bioderma

Bioderma Cicabio spray lotion relieves and strengthens irritated and fragile skin. This drying spray is suitable for oozing superficial lesions. It is a situation generated by certain cutaneous aggressions. This type of lesion is at risk of maceration, a condition favorable to bacterial proliferation. Diaper rash, blisters or maceration of skin folds are among the oozing lesions. This type of skin damage requires the use of appropriate care. This is what Bioderma Cicabio lotion allows. It dries damaged skin, protects it and relieves it. It owes its drying power to its absorbent silica. It is formulated with zinc and copper, two elements that will have an antibacterial action, preventing the proliferation of microorganisms at the level of the lesion. Bioderma Cicabio lotion also contains the active ingredient Antalgicine, a complex that reduces the urge to scratch. It incorporates the DAF complex (Dermological Advanced Formulation) which allows the skin to be less reactive. Finally, it helps healing. It is easy to apply thanks to its spray packaging and is suitable for adults, children and infants.