Yves Morel Morphe Face-Powder Contouring Go Wild

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Vendor: Yves Morel

Morphe Face-Powder Contouring Go Wild is all you need for that sculpted look.
The powders can be used together and separately for your look or touch ups during the day. It’s suitable for a light skin color with a neutral or yellow 
undertone. Blush, highlight and bronzer in 1.

How to use?

Bronzer: Take a powder brush and pick up the bronzer, apply in a 3 shape of your forehead, to your cheeks to your jawline. Repeat if desired.

Blush: Pick up color with your blush brush and apply it just under your cheekbone in an upward motion towards your hairline. Blend the color nicely for a natural effect. Pick up the lighter color with your highlight brush and apply it to your cheekbones for a nice glow.

Highlight: Use your fingers or a highlighter brush to apply and blend the highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes, on the eyebrow bone, and along with the tips of your cheekbones. Use an eyeshadow brush for precision and if you want to achieve a higher intensity with the highlighter.