Real Techniques The Wanderer Brush Kit (8)

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Take these midi-size brushes on an adventure and create any look your destination inspires with the Real Techniques Wanderer Makeup Brush Kit. The holographic bag stores the brushes perfectly so you’re always ready to go! With 8 makeup brushes, this kit has all the makeup tools you need to create a natural finish. Kit includes multitasking brushes, concealer brush, foundation brush, eye shadow brushes, liner brushes, and a smudging brush. These brushes are made of UltraPlush™ synthetic hand-cut bristles, is vegan, and are cruelty free.

Key Benefits

  • The Real Techniques Wanderer Makeup Brush Kit includes (1) RT 426 angled multi task brush, (1) RT 407 multi task brush, (1) RT 246 concealer brush, (1) RT 249 foundation buffing brush, (1)RT 358 blending shadow brush, (1) RT 359 tapered shadow brush, (1) RT 356 angled liner brush, (1) RT 332 smudge brush, and (1) bag
  • Midi-sized designed brushes and bag are travel ready! Kit includes two multi tasking brushes
  • The RT 426 Angled Multi-Tasking Brush helps with detailing and contouring while the RT 406 Muli-Tasking Brush helps to apply powder foundations and mineral powders
  • Use the RT 246 Concealer Brush to touch up under eyes or blemishes with concealer
  • Our 249 Foundation Buffing Brush is perfect for large, full coverage application of liquid or powder foundation
  • Use the RT 358 Blending Shadow Brush for blurring shadow in the crease of the eye while the RT 359 Tapered Shadow Brush blends on the eyelid for a seamless finish
  • The RT 356 Angled Liner Brush helps create a winged look while the RT 332 Smudge Brush works to diffuse and blend for a bold eye look
  • Brushes are best used with face, cheek, and eye products in a variety of forms like liquids, creams, or powders
  • Mini sized brushes are perfect for travel and on the go!
  • UltraPlush™ synthetic hand-cut bristles
  • 100% Cruelty Free, and Vegan

How To Use

Use the RT 426 angled multi task brush to blend blush or sideways to detail and contour. The RT 407 multi task brush lightly dusts on powders and mineral foundations. Our RT 246 concealer brush works to apply concealer under eyes or blemishes. Use the RT 249 foundation buffing brush for large full coverage application of liquid or powder foundation. The 358-blending shadow brush works to blur into the crease of the eye. Our RT 359 tapered shadow brush blends shadow into the crease and eyelid for a seamless finish. Use the RT 356 angled liner brush with a soft gel liner to create a winged look or with a hard gel to create a buildable, more natural look. Diffuse and blend powders, creams, and gels along the lash line with the RT 332 smudge brush.

Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance

Clean weekly with our Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel and Spray for improved brush performance.