Mont Blanc Explorer Ultra Blue Eau De Parfum For Men

Mont Blanc Explorer Ultra Blue Eau De Parfum For Men

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Size: 60ml

Vendor: Mont Blanc

Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue Eau de Parfum is a citrus aromatic fragrance that features the color of the sea and the sky, high mountains as well as endless lakes. As you spray the perfume on your skin, the fragrance urges you to pursue adventure and explore the world. Featuring notes of bergamot and exotic fruits together with sea notes, it reveals a unique, invigorating and energizing freshness. In order to add a spike of contrast and depth, woodsy notes set the base and envelop your senses with subtle and contrasting warmth.

With Montblanc Explorer, you're never alone even if cruising the world by yourself. With its elegant and versatile bottle, with metallic and blue adornments, the perfume is the fuel you need to keep on moving.


  • Top notes: bergamot and exotic fruits
  • Heart notes: sea notes
  • Base notes: woodsy notes