Kiko Milano Festival Glow Wild And Free Body Tattoos

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Vendor: Kiko Milano

Single-use temporary body tattoo stickers.

Ideal for:
enhancing every look with a unique metallic finish.

They’re special because:
 -they give the skin a radiant touch in just one step;
 -each pack contains two sheets with different tattoo stickers in cool and trendy designs, suitable for all occasions;
 -they allow you to effortlessly play with your style as they can be applied and removed quickly.

How To Use?

1. Choose the tattoo sticker you wish to apply and cut out the matching design.
2. Apply the tattoo sticker to dry, cleansed skin so that it adheres properly.
3. Dab it with water.
4. Gently remove the protective foil.
5. When you’re ready, use soap and water to remove the tattoo sticker.