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Children Cancer Center of Lebanon x Feel22 - Donation Voucher



By purchasing any amount in this voucher, you will be donating directly the amount purchased to Children Cancer Center of Lebanon. 

CCCL buildings and equipment have been highly affected due to the massive explosion taking place in Beirut August 4th 2020.

Today, many of the children suffering from cancer have been transferred to CCCL after other hospitals have been badly damaged. But, to be able to sustain their treatment, CCCL need your help.

During these difficult times, let's help those who need it the most. 

Add your voucher to your cart to help donate to CCCL and save lives of kids fighting cancer! 

" نحن بحاجة لدعمكن. اليوم، في كتير اطفال مصابين بالسرطان تم نقلهن من المستشفيات المتضررة الى المركز. بس لنقدر نكفي علاجهن نحن بحاجة لمساعدتكن.

هيدا الانفجار زاد من الازمة يلي كلنا عم نعيشها.

تبرعاتكن اليوم رح تساعدنا بانقاذ حياة اطفالنا وكل الاطفال يلي استقبلناهن من غير مستشفيات" 

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