Bio-Oil Moisturizing Body Lotion

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Size: 250ml

Vendor: Bio-Oil

Bio-Oil Body Lotion  is the ideal daily body moisturizer. Its clinically proven high-oil formulation is ultralight and non-greasy and delivers sheer, long-lasting moisturization leaving skin feeling silky soft, and smooth. Powerfully designed with a complex water-in-oil formulation and a combination of ingredients that work to hydrate and replenish mild everyday dry skin.

Recommended for:
Tight, itchy skin. Mild everyday Dull, ashy, dry skin

Key Component

  • Shea oil: forms a barrier to retain skins moisture.
  • Urea: smoothes and softens.
  • Hyaluronic acid: boosts moisture levels and plumps skin.
  • Lactic acid: gently exfoliates whilst working to soften and hydrate.
  • Vitamin E antioxidant: protects against free radicals.
  • Vitamin F fatty acid: that maintains and repairs skins barrier.
  • Vitamin A: promotes skin renewal and increases elasticity.
  • Jojoba: seed skin repair, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties.
  • Calendula extract: promotes cell regeneration.


How to use?

Gently shake the product before use to activate the formulation. Bio-Oil Body Lotion should be massaged in a circular motion on the body until fully absorbed. It is recommended that Bio-Oil Body Lotion be applied twice daily, morning and evening, as part of a daily skincare routine. Bio-Oil Body Lotion should not be applied to an open wound or broken skin.