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The Sister's Recipe Bye Bye Celluly Anti-Cellulite Gel


Size: 0.3kg 

Aqua, cellulinol, adipol, caffeine, methanol, carbomer, triethanolamine , bicarbonate de soude, disodium EDTA, almond oil , vit E, citrus extract

Directions of Use:
Massage gently on the treated area until total absorption – Use once daily or a minimum of 3 times per week



In 2016, I began my fitness journey and have never looked back. I was addicted to the adrenaline that working out gave me - and I’ve been working my booty off ever since.
Just like everyone, I kept noticing imperfections in my body and wanted something to help me achieve the vision I had for myself and body. And thus, the creation of my new line of Fitness Cosmetics. These products emerged from a need I personally had and I’m positive you’re all going to love them.
Here’s to you, the ones workin’ your booties off - may we be healthy, fit and fierce.


The new love-yourself brand by Nadine Abdelaziz explores new ways for you to achieve all those #bodygoals. Fitness Cosmetics products are professionally created and tested and bring your natural beauty together with the relentless effort you put into making yourself look and feel your absolute best every single day. Our brand encourages you to love yourself, care for yourself and always remember that your body is your temple so work it like you own it - because you do. Thank you!

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