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Talika Lifting Creamy Eyeshadow (5 Shades Available)


Brand Talika

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Enhanced with Native cells of Damask Rose, The Peptide Expert and a natural high-tech ingredient, this creamy eye shadow is specifically designed to define your eye while lifting, firming and moisturizing them.

At the same time, EYE SHADOW LIFT, cream eye shadow can beautify and show off your eyes with its ‘lifting’, smoothing effect. - The first lifting creamy eye shadow* that is make-up while simultaneously being an eyelid care. - High performance make-up, this eye shadow also introduces colour to skin care: It is a moisturizer, a lifting and firming agent.

  • How to use

For even more visible results, use EYE SHADOW LIFT in the morning over EYE QUINTESSENCE and apply EYE QUINTESSENCE or EYE DREAM at night. 

1. Apply the creamy eye shadow with your finger or brush on your eyelids daily.

2. Using its soft texture, adapt the application and the intensity of the colour according to your wishes.

3. Match 1 to 2 colours in the range for a more sophisticated look.

For a bare effect: apply the lightest colour over the entire eyelid. For a more intense effect: add a darker colour to the bare look, nude or pink colours at the outer corner of the eye (plum, hazelnut or carbon). 

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