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Soskin Skin Care 'To Go' Full Routine


Brand Soskin

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5 Travel Sized products easy to take away. A complete routine composed of different formulas and allergenic adapted to all type of skin.

  • Brightness vitality serum 15ml

With Stabilized vitamin C to fade pigmentation flaws and plump-up the skin. In addition to the skincare.

  • Eye care serum 10ml

Moisturizing action, smooths first lines, diminishes dark circles and bags.

  • Moisturizing anti-ageing cream 20ml

Prevents and targets ageing signs as: wrinkles, fine lines, loss of elasticity and radiance. Smooth texture.

  • mini Clarifying cleansing foam 30ml

Dislodge impurities, target hyper- pigmented areas and revive the complexion’s luminosity.

  • mini Gentle purifying toner 25ml

Helps reduce the appearance of pores and prevent their obstruction. Skin is matte. Light and fresh texture.
Do not rinse.


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