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Sebamed Extreme Dry Skin Relief Hand Cream 5% Urea - 75 Ml


Brand Sebamed

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Our Extreme Dry Skin Relief Hand Cream 5% Urea is intensely hydrating to restore your skin's balance of moisture. It contains a 5% urea concentration to quickly relieve dry skin, immediately ridding you of symptoms like itching, scaling and tightness. Our urea hand cream is also formulated with a deeply nourishing lipid complex, supporting your natural lipids with luscious avocado and olive oil extracts. For dry skin relief, Sebamed has a nourishing hand cream product you have been searching for.

How Extreme Dry Skin Relief Hand Cream 5% Urea helps with dry skin:
Active ingredients help your skin rejuvenate itself
Panthenol relieves irritation and promotes skin cell regeneration
Contains bisabolol for itch relief, allantoin to make your skin soft and glycerin to guard against dehydration
Urea's keratolytic effect encourages peeling to smooth out your skin
Formulated at pH 5.5, the pH level of healthy and radiant skin
Size: 75 ml

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