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Schwarzkopf Professional Good Bye Yellow Shampoo 300ml


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The SCHWARZKOPF GOODBYE YELLOW SHAMPOO gently cleanses the hair to neutralize the yellowness. The ultra-high pigment formulation with a pH of 4.5 assists the color pigments to hold fast to the hair surface for maximum neutralization. The Schwarzkopf shampoo allows neutralization, cleansing and care in one step. Suitable for cool blondes. Free of sulfates.

The GOODBYE YELLOW™ anti-yellow shampoo quickly neutralizes any stubborn yellow undertones on lightened hair at the backwash for the coolest blonde results in no time instant cool blonde results.

The unique 4.5 pH formulation helps the color pigments to adhere to the hair quickly for maximum neutralization.

A combination of color deposits and active washing substances allows for neutralizing, cleansing and care in one simple step.



Use 1-2 times per week for tonal maintenance, or daily for maximum tonal deposit. Leave on for up to 5 minutes. Wear protective gloves and protect clothing before use.

EFFECT No Yellow
HAIR STRENGTH All Hair Strength
HAIR TYPE All Hair Types
HAIR LENGTH All Hair Length

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