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Phyto PhytoDetox Spray - Rehab Mist for Polluted Scalp & Hair


Brand Phyto


Dual anti-odor action: it neutralizes unpleasant odors (tobacco, pollution, cooking, etc) and prevents them from clining to the hair. A daily HAIR DETOX ritual, this spray is ideal for achieving clean hair. 

Benefits:  Hair regains its freshness and volume for clean hair sensation at all times. 

How to use:

Spray on the roots and lengths of hair.  Style as usual. Do not rinse.


Eucalyptus essential oil with refreshing action, is ideal for polluted and asphyxiated hair.
Kumquat extract With its high antioxidant vitamin C potency that acts together with sugar and moisturizing minerals, Kumquat extract reboosts hair.
Burdock extraction Helps detoxify the scalp and brings lightness to polluted hair that tends to become greasy very quickly.




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