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NHCO L-Intexyl - Intestinal Balance Supplements


Brand NHCO

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  • Benefits:

Help to maintain digestive comfort, reduce bloating and digestive discomfort.
Help to maintain the balance of intestinal barrier.
Promote a normal immune system

  • Target:

For people with intestinal sensitivities (gas, bloating, pain, irregular stools).
For people with chronic intestinal disorders (with medical advice).
After anantibiotic treatment
For gastro-­‐intestinal disorders.

  • Description: 

L-INTEXYL™ helps to maintain the intestinal barrier.
D-Spam-460™ is for the intestinal comfort, based on plants with antispasmodic and anti-bloating properties.
This complex promotes digestion and helps to reduce the intestinal discomfort.
HBI-500 Complex contains Glutamine as a source of energy for epithelial and immune cells.
Turmeric and Zinc promote the good function of the immune system.
Evening formula is an association of 6 probiotic strains. They have been selected for their quality
and quantity, in order to help to maintain intestinal barrier, stimulate natural defences and act against dysbiosis.

  • Strengths:

Maintain the intestinal balance by acting on the intestinal barrier and its permeability. Intexyl™ can be recommended for intestinal sensitivities, infection of
the intestines, after taking antibiotics, or associated with treatment agains chronic
intestinal disorders.
Mix of specific probiotics, protected by a capsule which will be open only in the intestine. Protected capsules by a specific blister.
Do not contain fibres.

  • Packaging:

1 box with 28 vegetable green capsules (morning) and 28 vegetable clear capsules (evening) – 3 weeks

  • Recommended Use: 

First week : 2 green capsules Upon waking up ; 2 clear capsules At bedtime 
Week 2 and after : 1 green capsule Upon waking up; 1 clear capsule At bedtime
Continue as needed.

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