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Mond'Sub Coconut Anti Wrinkle Organic Facial Mask


Brand Mond'Sub

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Mond'Sub Coconut Nourishing & Anti-wrinkles Facial Mask is packed with the goodness of coconut oil. Coconut oil not only nourishes skin but is known for its anti-aging properties. Enriched with antioxidants such as vitamin E and A, coconut oil helps to slow down the aging process and neutralises the effect of free radicals and sun damage. It contains corn gluten amino acids which is a mixture of amino acids resulting from the hydrolysis of corn gluten protein. Corn gluten amino acids work as a skin conditioning agent. Glycerine moisturises skin and gives it a healthy, youthful glow. This mask moisturises and rejuvenates skin leaving it smooth, delicate and bright.


Instant facial mask that nourishes skin and provides anti-ageing benefits
Packed with the goodness of coconut oil, corn gluten amino acids and glycerine
Offers deep hydration and nutrients to your skin
This facial mask treatment is highly effective and gentle for everyday use
Suitable for all skin types

About the Brand: Mond'Sub brings to you a variety of dermatologically tested facial masks with its skin whitening, moisturizing and soothing versions that have a special 3D effect making them perfectly fit like a second skin and providing you with optimum hydration to skin glowing it. They contain special ingredients that renew dull and dehydrated skin giving you healthy glow.

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