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Misslyn Glow For It! Strobing Powder


Brand Misslyn

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The delicate, powdery texture of the GLOW for it! STROBING POWDER makes the current strobing trend very easy. This will make you an absolute eye-catcher! 

Strobing is about conjuring glamorous highlights in the face. Therefore apply the powder on all points of your face that you want to emphasize: on the cheekbones, the lip heart, under the eyebrow arch, in the inner corner of the eye, the chin, along the nose or the forehead. The fine pearls that are contained reflect the light, transforming tired-looking skin into a healthy glow and a natural freshness on the face. The delicate texture blends with the skin and is easy and effortless to apply. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Suitable for sensitive skin. 

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