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Kiko Milano Charming Escape Eye & Brow Liner


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Eye duo: eyebrow pencil and black eye pencil.

Ideal for: flawlessly defining and reshaping the eyebrows, while intensifying the gaze and enhancing the eyes. It's special because:-the new multi-use formula contains two products in one for unique and flawless make-up results; it's extremely easy and there's no need to sharpen the tip, making it ideal to use on the go!

The black eye pencil has a fine, retractable tip, ensuring extremely precise lines. The eyebrow pencil is automatic and has a retractable tip, creating optimal colour release while perfectly gliding onto the eyebrows;

It's buildable in intensity, allowing you to create different make-up looks according to the angle of the pencil:-tip: for a fine and precise line;-flat: for a soft and light line;-angled: for a thicker, more intense line.

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