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Dr. ĀDA Liquid Eye Patch Serum


Brand DR.ĀDA

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Dr. ĀDA's Liquid Eye Patch Serum is power-packed with ingredients filled with healing properties that help brighten dark circles, prevent fine lines, and boost skin elasticity. The Liquid Eye Patch Serum may be used as part of your daily routine, both morning and night, and it can also be used on pamper days for an extra boost around the eye area.

How to use:

Gently dab one pump of the serum with your ring finger around and under the eye area, as part of your morning and evening skincare routine. Refrigerate the serum to active its de-puffing properties. Apply a thick layer around the eye to use as liquid eye patches.


Vitamin K. Vitamin E, Elastin, Collagen USP, Sage Extract, Castor Oil, Water, Carbopol, Triethanolamine. 


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