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Coup D'Eclat Eye Contour Gel Serum


Diminishes Wrinkles, Puffiness & Dark Circles

- Complete treatment for eye contour problems 
- The best eye cream for puffiness 
- The best dark circle eye cream 
- Day and night product 
- Pleasant texture (non-oily silky lotion) 
- Immediately soothing 
- The best anti wrinkle eye cream A complete treatment for eye contour problems. 

Use day and night. Pleasant texture (non-oily silky lotion), and immediately soothing.

The triple action Anti-aging Serum combines the following active ingredients: 

ANTI WRINKLES: Algisium C and Toniskin® BG, Centella Asiatica Liposomes. 
SMOOTHING: Wheat proteins. DRAINING: Gingko-Biloba. 
MOISTURUZING: Cameline and grape-seed oil, Pro-vitamin B5. 

As of first application, its active ingredients smooth and brighten the eye area


Creates a strong but flexible network on the skin's surface. This gives an immediate tightening effect to the skin giving additional elasticity and tone generally found in more youthful skin. Encourages the efficacy of collagen and provides the skin with adequate nourishment. Anti-wrinkle and anti-free radical properties protect the skin.

Yeast extracts that will help reinforce the dermo-epidermis junction. Stimulates the biosynthesis of attached molecules (integrins, collagen IV & VII). Increases toning of the skin, anti-wrinkle and plumping effects, reduces aging and loss of skin elasticity.


Solution for bags and brightens the dark circles. Bearberry protects the skin against damage caused by free radicals and is also used as a natural skin whitening agent. The active ingredient arbutin counteracts undesired pigmentations such as freckles, age spots or sunburn marks. These effects are achieved by inhibition of melanin synthesis without any skin irritation. The mildness is supported by ursolic acid, which also occurs naturally in the bearberry leaves providing anti-inflammatory effects.

Promotes a vasodilating action increasing circulation, improving sebaceous secretions, decreasing capillary hyper-permeability, improving tissue irrigation and activating cell metabolism. Increases the creation of fibroblast, collagen and extracellular fibronectin while also exhibiting good antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying qualities: produces a healthier, younger looking skin.

Rich in natural antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, tocopherols, and vitamin E. Due to its high content of essential fatty acids, this oil is wonderful for all types of skin, acting as an anti-aging and emollient agent to improve the skins elasticity and suppleness. Camelina oil also has incredibly high linoleic acid content and is great for acne scar prevention.

A powerful anti-aging ingredient that is the principal constituent of conjunctive tissue. Attracts and retains moisture in the skin: skin is smoother and more radiant. Works by directing moisture to areas between collagen and elastin to plump the skin, thereby filling in wrinkles. Helps wounds heal more quickly, and can reduce the appearance of both old and new scars. Ideal for the correction of moderate to severe wrinkles and folds.

These nanocapsules contain citro flavonoids obtained from Citrus plants. By inhibiting the development of melanin, they help reduce brown spots of the skin. When concentrated in nanocapsules, they are protected until they reach the active site of melanin synthesis, where they exert a powerful reducing action and antiradical activity, and act as a substrate competitor for tyrosinase (an enzyme responsible for transforming tyrosine into melanin). In addition, these flavonoids protect against UVA-induced damage of fibroblasts and oxidative damage of collagen. Thus, Citrus offers potential skin-lightening benefits, including improved overall skin tone and anti-yellowing effects.

Very rich in Omega 6 linoleic fatty acid. This oil helps to protect the elasticity of the skin and to moisturize it while preserving its barrier function.

This vitamin stimulates the energy mechanisms of cells: the skin looks radiant. Potent moisturizer & softener of the skin, makes the skin more elastic, soothes irritated skin (anti-inflammatory effects), heals minor wounds (promotes epithelialization).

This organic derivative of silicon, associated with mannuronic acid (extract of seaweed), has a powerful function on factors responsible for the aging process. Stimulates collagen production, helping regenerate new skin and improve the structure of connective tissue. Improves skin hydration by harnessing molecules of water, right down to the dermo-epidermal junction. Anti-radical, anti-glycation, anti-wrinkle and a rebuilding element for the connective tissue, Algisium C plays a key role to fight skin aging.

A citrus flavonoid antioxidant with an important role in strengthening the capillaries. The vasoprotective activities build stronger capillaries, the blood flows more easily. The work of passing oxygen and other necessary nutrients to and from the blood and tissues is lessened. Collagen deterioration is slowed. This helps prevent wrinkles and skin damage caused by numerous inside and outside sources

Instructions for use:
Apply morning and evening by gently patting from the inner corner of the eye outwards towards the temples. Its delicate fine texture makes it possible to apply make-up over

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