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Basma Teeth Whitening Kit : 2 Whitening Pens + Led Light


Brand Basma

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The whitening kit is packed with everything you need to get your pearly whites shining brighter. Clinically tested, gentle on the teeth, and perfect for daily use, with this treatment you will get the results you want in under 10 days.

  • 2 whitening pens (1ml each)
  • LED accelerator light
  • Travel case
  • Medical grade whitening agents
  • Low concentration of hydrogen peroxide for long-lasting comfort
  • Results last up to 90 days for every 10-day treatment
  • Up to 9 shades whiter in one week

How to use?

1. Brush your teeth first to help the whitening gel get absorbed better.
2. Grab a whitening pen and slowly twist the bottom to squeeze out some gel. Coat your front teeth with it using a circular motion. Keep twisting and brushing until all your front teeth are covered.
3. When done, place the LED accelerator light in your mouth by placing your lips over it. Plug it first to your smartphone to power it on.
4. After 20 minutes, spit out the excess whitening foam and unplug the LED light from your phone.
5. Do not eat, drink, or rinse your mouth for 20 minutes after you’re done; the whitening agent will keep being absorbed by your teeth.

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