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Talika Bubble Mask

Talika detox bubble mask- oxygenating
10 minutes mask⏱ that tightens your pores, clean, brightens and glows your skin✨ @beautyby.lama @talikalebanon

Talika Eyelashes Treatment

Do you dream about long lashes? Here are 5 ways to grow and maintain healthy lashes with @farahcharaf @talikalebanon #feel22xtalika
1- Use talika’s lipocils for 28 days to grow and thicken your eyelashes or lipocils platinum
2- Brush your lashes.
3- Use gentle mascara Lipocils and black (don't use curler after mascara)
4- Better not to use mascara everyday
5- Never sleep in your mascara

Talika Face & Neck Treatment

How to look younger and more radiant by following a few steps before and after your date ✨

A night before the event:

1. Use bubble mask to detox the skin.
2. Eye decompress for younger looking eyes.
3. Smile code for fuller and more hydrated lips.
4. Have a good night's rest

First thing in the morning.: 1. Brightening mask for lasting brightness and hydration (for 20 mins)
2. Eye therapy patch to remove dark circles that last for 24 hrs.
3. Drink a large cup of tea.

Before the event :

1. Apply neck and chest mask for 20 minutes.
2. Use Talika smile code for luscious lips
3. Fill your brows in
4. Prime and prep your lashes using Lipocils Expert.
5. Put on your makeup and outfit
And you're ready to go on your date 👗

Talika Eye Treatments

5 ways to get rid of your eye bags with @bou7a :
1- Sleep well 💤
2- Eat less salty food and drink more water🚰
3- Take a break with Talika eye decompress, removes redness and puffiness
4- Use Talika Eye dream ( a cream that is used at night)
5- Use Talika Eye Detox for dark circles ( in the morning)
6- (Bonus) use Talika eye patches for dark circles* Reusable 3 times*