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Talika Instant Beauty Kit - 4 Masks Skin Preparation & Recovery Essentials


Brand Talika

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Enriched with hydrophilic sugars, alpine flowers extracts and hyaluronic acid, the Hydrating BIO ENZYMES MASK instantly refreshes and soothes dry and delicate skin. Made of a biocellulose base, the shape of which allows for intimate contact with the contours of the face like a second skin, to regenerate the epidermis in just 15 minutes.
Formula : 89% ingredients of natural origin. Arnica extracts.
Results : In 30 minutes the skin is (1): Moisturised 100%, nourished 100%, softer 100%.

he 1st "oxygenating" "anti-pollution mask"(2), inspired by Korean detox methods. When it comes into contact with your skin, the BUBBLE MASK BIO-DETOX’s bamboo charcoal fabric foams with hun- dreds and thousands of oxygen microbubbles. A fine white, dense foam forms, enveloping your face in a genuine ‘oxygen mask’. What a feeling!
Formula : This mask’s unique formula combines oxygen with the best of traditional Asian pharmacopeia ingredients for an instant clean. There are three stages to the process.
Results : Visible results in as quickly as 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes of Bubble Mask Bio-Detox, your skin is soothed, rehydrated and detoxed. Your pores are tighter and your face cleaner, brighter and glowing with freshness!

The 1st(2) immediate anti-fatigue smoothing patch that visibly smoothes out the eye contour in 30 minutes. Reusable 3 times. Ever since, it has become a must-have, models and actors are its first fans.
Formula : With restructuring ceramides.
Results : EYE THERAPY PATCH acts on all the signs of fatigue around the eyes: Immediate tensor effect: 81%(3) of satisfaction. After 15 minutes, the eye contour is smoothed: 89%(4) and less tired: 82%(4).

EYE DECOMPRESS is a deep relaxation regime for skin and soul to promote cutaneous and spiritual regeneration. A comforting and soothing mask for the eye contour and a 10-minute meditation podcast for the soul. This ingenious and sensorial product is compact, to go and hygienic, instantly ready to use whenever the need arises.
Formula : 99% ingredients of natural origin. Camellia flowers extracts.
Results : After a 10-minute mask use the eye contour is(6): Smoother 91%, decongested 93%, less tired 94%, relaxed 97%.

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