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NHCO Triveplex - Triple Action: Flat Stomach


Brand NHCO

Holds 16 active ingredients specifically to help find a flat and toned stomach, including amino acids, Fennel for a draining effect and to help reduce bloating. It also contains Green Tea, which stimulates the release of fats and vitamin B6 contributing to normal energy metabolism.

84 GreenCaps capsules – 4 weeks

Among the factors influencing the accumulation of abdominal fat, age has been found to be a distinct factor due to the concentration of certain hormones. A rich diet can also be part of the issue. This state is often emphasized by bloating causing the stomach to take a larger volume. To help reduce abdominal curves, it is necessary to act both in depth on the digestive system, as well as fight against abdominal stored fats.

TRIVEPLEX was specially conceived by NHCO Nutrition Laboratories, developing 3 specific complexes:

The thermodraining plant complex brings together several active plant extracts such as green tea, which by increasing energy expenditure
(thermogenesis) of the body, burns fatty acids and promotes the release of fats.
Intexine Complex contains various ingredients starting with fennel bringing a draining effect and also decreases bloating. It also contains vegetal charcoal, angelica, and 6 strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria.
Abdosteat VP 300 combines L-Glutamine and Zinc which participates to normal protein synthesis, particularly linked to muscle. Vitamin B6 contributes to regular energy metabolism.
In addition to dietary measures, the draining action combined with thermogenic and metabolic effects help you get back to a toned and flatter stomach.

Recommended Use Morning Midday
14-day attacking phase 2 capsules 2 capsules
Following phase 2 capsules
4 weeks / Renew if necessary.

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