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NHCO Phleboxan - Venous & Lymphatic System Supplements


Brand NHCO

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It combines 18 active ingredients including 3 amino acids, an extract of horse chestnut supporting venous return , vitamin C which ensures the normal functioning of blood vessels and sweet clover that helps reduce the feeling of heavy legs .

42 capsules GreenCaps ™ - 4/6 weeks

The bad venous return is often accompanied by a feeling of heavy legs, related to a modification of the constituent tissues of the veins.

Beyond simple solutions such as daily walking or raising the legs, the use of nutritional supplements can, in certain situations, be of great interest.

The PHLEBOXAN  dietary supplement of Laboratoires NHCO Nutrition ® concentrates 18 active agents acting on different levels of the venous or lymphatic tissues. 
The L-endoT.9i  complex contains specific amino acids and horse chestnut that supports venous return in the legs. It is associated with blackcurrant berries to strengthen the vessels and the little holly that gives a sensation of light legs. 
The Media.oX.200  complex concentrates turmeric and vitamins E and C, which protect cells against free radicals. Vitamin C also contributes to the normal formation of collagen * to ensure the normal functioning of the blood vessels. 
Finally, the complexLymphadrain.360D ™ contains vine leaf, sweet clover that helps reduce the feeling of heavy legs and recognized blackcurrant leaf for easy removal of water.

* Collagen is a fibrous protein present especially in the walls of the venous tissues.
Usage tips During meals
Attack phase for 2 weeks 2 capsules a day
Follow-up phase other weeks 1 capsule per day
4 to 6 weeks / to renew if necessary.

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