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Herome Protective top Coat


Brand Herome

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No more damaged nails and/or nail polish! The Protecting Top Coat creates a hard, protective coating on top of the nails – preventing damage to the nails and/or nail polish.

As a result, nail polish stays on for twice as long. This waterproof protective layer also intensifies the color of your nail polish and gives them a high-gloss effect. The Herôme Protecting Top Coat can also be applied directly to non-polished nails for a beautiful shine and extra protective layer. The Top Coat is dust dry in just 10 seconds!

Herôme Protecting Top Coat USP’s

• Dry nails in 10 seconds!
• Prevents damage to nails and/or nail polish
• Brings out the color of your nail polish
• Gives nails with or without nail polish a beautiful shine

Recommended in combination with…

We recommend using the Herôme Ridge Filling Base Coat before applying colored nail polish. The Herôme Ridge Filling Base Coat closes the nail in preparation for dyes within nail polishes. As a result, color pigments in the polish will not discolor the nails. Properly protect your nails from discoloration!

Instructions for use

Paint the Herôme Protecting Top Coat onto either polished or bare nails for a beautiful shine and an extra protective layer.

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