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Garnier Ultra Doux Almond Milk and Agave Sap Normal Hair Mask - 300ml

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Brand Garnier

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Garnier Almond Crush Normal Hair Yoghurt Mask with 98% Natural Origin Ingredients, carefully blended for naturally beautiful hair. Our new haircare range gently cleanses & weightlessly nourishes normal hair battling the daily struggle, with Organic Almond Milk & Organic Agave nectar.

Discover Garnier Ultra Doux Almond Crush Mask; the ideal normal hair care. Pollution, heat, sweat and product build-up can feel like a daily battle. No need to stress when you can enjoy two scrumptious ingredients in a creamy formula with a yoghurt-like texture, to leave hair silky smooth and beautifully soft. Food from the hair gods.
Organic Almond Milk from Spain is well-loved for its creamy texture and nutty flavor. We have blended this nutritious treasure with Agave nectar, in a formula to gently cleanse and weightlessly nourish normal hair.
Almond Milk is lovingly blended with Organic Agave nectar from Mexico, a gourmet nectar renowned for its revitalizing properties, considered a lighter, healthier alternative to honey.

  • Gently cleanses for Healthier, Stronger, Fairytale hair
  • Lightweight formula leaves hair Silky Smooth and Beautifully Soft
  • 98% Natural Origin Ingredients: Enriched with naturally derived Organic Almond Milk from Spain and Organic Agave nectar from Mexico
  • Vegan Formula: No animal derived ingredients or by-products

How to Use:

  • Smooth our creamy mask through your mid lengths to ends and leave in for 1 to 5 minutes depending on the care your hair requires.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • For hair in need of more intense treatment, you can leave on for longer before washing off.
  • Use our mask 2-3 times a week for deep care and nourishment.


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