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Catrice Velvet Matt Lip Pencil


Brand Catrice

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Lip Pencil with a smooth, matt texture

For contouring or filling in the lips

Fast-drying as well as smudge and waterproof


The smooth, creamy texture glides on softly and is suitable for outlining and filling in the lips. With a fast-drying, smudge and waterproof formula as well as a velvety-matt finish, it’s an absolute must-have!  Matt lips are an undeniable trend and can be created with all sorts of colours and formulas. The Velvet Matt Lip Pencil Colour & Contour is not only ideal for contouring the lips, it can also be used to achieve a fashionable all-over look with a matt finish.

Beauty Tip

Accentuating the lips in red or berry shades can highlight small skin irregularities and blemishes, so a flawless complexion is a must: it’s best to apply a primer underneath foundation and enhance the coverage of the make-up with concealer and/or camouflage. Now there’s nothing standing in the way of an expressive look with statement lips!

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