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Catrice Clean ID Mineral Eyeshadow Palettes


Brand Catrice

Time to let your eyes shine! With the two new Clean ID Mineral Eyeshadow Palettes for light and medium skin types, this is possible without a guilty conscience: Each palette has six vegan, highly pigmented and super soft nude shades that are made of 90 % natural ingredients and – like the entire Clean ID range – contain no microplastic particles or silicones. The gorgeous new packaging is mainly made of recycled paper, so 70 % less plastic is needed and even the vegan printing ink doesn't contain any mineral oil.

Beauty Tip
To make the eyeshadows last extra long, start with an eyeshadow base and then apply the shades as desired. The darker colours are more suitable for emphasizing the crease of the lid, while the lighter shades can be used to create a highlight on the eyes for a more expressive make-up look.

  • Highly-pigmented nude shades for every skin type
  • Without silicone or microplastic
  • The packaging is mainly made of recycled paper
  • Vegan

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