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NHCO The Slimming Box- Abdominal Belt Drying And Toning


Brand NHCO

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Bundle contains:

*NHCO Aqualyse - Concentrated Detoxifying Cleanser

A detoxifying treatment
– for the proper functioning of the body.
Some of our organs are the filters of our body. Among them, the liver, neutralizing certain substances and metabolizes food, and the kidneys, involved in water balance. Age and lifestyles may reduce their ability to function properly.
– accompanied by a weight loss treatment.
During weight loss, molecules stored in the body are released in the body and can damage cells by producing free radicals. Natural substances protect from oxidative stress and are essential in order to neutralize them.

The NHCO Nutrition Laboratories® developed AQUALYSE™, a concentrated drink with 21 active ingredients to help reinvigorate bodily functions.

*NHCO Multivitamins Orthosamine - Amino acids, Vitamins, Minerals

9 essential amino acids
Source of 12 natural vitamins
6 bioavailable chelated minerals
4 plant extracts
Certain essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, are essential for the proper functioning of the body. They are called essential because our bodies cannot produce them and they are required to be acquired by our diet.
Nowadays, implementing a balanced diet aligned with the needs of the body can be difficult with today’s lifestyles

To formulate Orthosamine, NHCO Nutrition research created a next generation nutritional complex called Natural Orthomolecular System, inspired by orthomolecular science.

*NHCO Myactide-RX - Abdominal belt, Drying and toned. 

Holds two different formulas, Morning and Evening, with one essential amino acid, L-Arginine, guarana extract which helps increase energy output in specific areas, green tea promoting fat burning, dandelion participates in the elimination functions of the body, and zinc contributing to normal protein synthesis, more particularly in the muscle.

Fat that is mainly stored in the hips and abdominals is promoted by physical inactivity.
To reshape the body and tone muscles, it is advantageous to adopt beneficial impulses such as physical activity and dietary measures.
In order to help you, MYACTIDE-RX is a food supplement containing specific active ingredients that facilitates weight loss and stimulates toning of the body.

To formulate MYACTIDE-RX, NHCO Nutrition Laboratories relied on the role of the latest NO (Nitric Oxide) research on mitochondrial activity, the power plants of the body.


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