♥♥♥ Oh spring affairs ♥♥♥

Let's go to the movies with feel22! We have the perfect Romance in mind! Let's watch EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING!

Here's the perfect bundle to get ready for your date: 

* Get 2 FREE movie tickets** for the exclusive Avant-premiere of EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING on May 16 at VOX Cinemas and walk the red carpet! 
* Get your lips ready for Everything ? (!!!) with the Beesline Lip Care in Shimmery Strawberry Balm! 
* Make sure to use the tried and tested Samoa H2O Waterproof Mascara - In case you get emotional, don't be afraid to shed a tear or two! 
*   Wear a romantic scent suitable for the occasion! We've picked the Body Fantasies Signature Body Spray in Cotton Candy (236 ML)


** (Subject to the purchase of the full bundle. Limited quantities available) 


#GetTheFeel and watch the official trailer! 

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Beesline Lip Care Shimmery Strawberry 4.5 g

Beesline Lip Care Shimmery Strawberry 4.5 g

5 Reviews
Skin Concern:For Dry & Sensitive LipsProperties:Beesline Lip Care Shimmery Strawberry is the ultimate cure for dry, chapped lips! Soothes, moisturises & regenerates the lips sensitive skin through nature’s healing beeswax...