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Max Factor False Lash Epic Mascara


Max Factor False Lash Epic Mascara. Create the Epic Lash Fan. No Lash Left Unseen. 

Introducing the False Lash Epic Brush with Zoom-Action Tip. Designed to stand up to the zoom, Flase Lash Epic captures and magnifies every detail of every lash for an Epic Lash Fan. No lash is left unseen


Bigger, Bolder, Epic lashes no matter your lash type 
- The False Lash Epic Brush gives you the artistry of multiple brushes in one. Push it deep into the root to capture and coat every detail of every lash for an epic lash fan 
- In our #selfireready world, attention to details is everything. False Lash Epic creates and epic lash fan taht always stands up to the zoom

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