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Yves Rocher Foot Anti-Fatigue Iced Gel


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Anti-Fatigue Iced Gel
Instantly soothes heavy-feeling legs and feet
Soothing relief for heavy legs and feet
With an instantly cooling effect, this plant-rich gel uses the relaxing and purifying properties of organic lavender to bring soothing relief to tired legs and feet. Ideal at the end of a long day and to treat those with heavy leg syndrome or painful, swollen feet and ankles.
An Yves Rocher favourite for its wonderful fragrance as well as the welcome relief it brings, this plant-based heavy leg and foot treatment contains Lavandula Augustifolia, a lavender species specially chosen for its flawless quality and generous essential oil production. Also with refreshing peppermint essential oil and shea butter for its nourishing, moisturising and anti-inflammatory benefits.
Apply twice daily to feet and massage into legs in an upward direction.

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